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Pen function supported for Surface pen

The pen function does not support all the functions of the surface pen. pressing the side button of the surface pen does not activate the selection mode, and dragging on the other side of the pen tip does not activate the eraser mode.
I would like to see the full functionality of the surface pen available in Figma, with reference to the functionality of onenote.

I am a UI designer. The process of sharing the current wireframe with the team is as follows.

  1. Open onenote on the surface and create the wire one screen at a time by handwriting. (The Surface pen makes it easy to copy and paste.)
  2. Take a screenshot of the wireframe you wrote in onenote, one screen at a time, and paste it into Figma.
  3. Create transparent buttons in Figma to show screen transitions and use them as prototypes.
  4. Share with the team.
    If there are any changes, go back to 1.

This is the hard part. Team members are not allowed to review at the stage (1), and if there are any changes, you have to go back to onenote again.
Figma has a pen function, thankfully, but it doesn’t support the surface pen, so I don’t write directly on Figma.

If you can support not only Surface but also iPad and other stylus, it will be better for a wide range of users.

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