Pass in Figma an application already developed?

Hello everyone,
Sorry if my message is not in the right place.
I discovered Figma with a precise philosophy: to pass a website in Figma. I used the Figma to HTML plugin ( !) which works very well. This plugin corresponded to my needs for a static site if I may say.
Now for another project, I have to pass, in the same way, a dynamic application made of web pages in Figma, but there the Figma to HTML plugin does not work.
Is there a solution?
Thanks for your comments
Aurélien C.

A small precision, the application is composed of web pages, with a PostgreSQL database behind. If I try to use the Figma to HTML plugin to pass these pages into Figma, I only import the application connection page, no matter where you are in the application.
Should I consider hardening the interface to be able to enter it into Figma?
The general idea is to be able to exchange with several people around the interface of this application.
Thanks for your help
Aurélien C.

Hello to all of you,
Since my last message I also got some other information: the application is also developed with nginx.
Do you have any ideas about plugins, handling?
Thanks for your help.
Aurélien C.