Ownership Issues when outsourcers leave

We work with a lot of outsourcers in our team, and while it’s relatively stable, sometimes they leave in a short time.

While we try to be on top of this, some of these designers end up as Owners of files and projects. And sometimes they have files in Drafts that they shared.

Currently I haven’t found a way to list their files and projects where they are owners, so (if they have time and don’t just disappear) their last days are spent going through projects and files one by one to check ownership.

And sometimes they miss one.

For example, an outsourcer that left recently had a File that was used by another outsourcer in their Drafts and missed it before leaving. When we set their account to “Viewer-restricted”, the second outsourcer lost access to the file. Luckily we found out on the day of (and not months later) and managed to set the account to Editor for a bit so we could copy the file.

I don’t understand why Admin level access can’t change Ownership of files or projects