Overrides are gone, when swapping, why?

According to the rules the overrides shouldn’t disappear, but they do:

Here is the file, feel free to inspect and duplicate.

If I create own vector shape in both the placeholder and the icon, then the override persists as expected. But not with real icons. What is going on here?

Works fine in my duplicate

@Antoine What did you do? I can’t reproduce it now

Come do your magic for all icons in our design system

Nothing, I just duplicated the file, inserted an instance of your “Label with icon” master, and did the icon swap… Resetting changes in the one that was previously here and swapping again also worked.
I don’t see where the issue could be coming from… Are you running Figma’s latest version?

I am able to reproduce the issue again.

Try swapping the variant of the eye icon, the color override disappears.