Override data without deep dive

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When I use the component I’ve to deep dive or multiple clicks in the object to change it e.g. change the icon or just the color of an icon on a button in a huge component

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is there anyone who sees this as a problem or just me? I need something just like other similar apps does:


even better for the label also

The ability to specify which properties of a component/symbol can be overridden, no matter how deeply nested, and place them all at top level in a simple interface, is a triumph for Sketch and a WTF-happened for Figma. (To be clear, I mostly hate Sketch, and mostly love Figma.)

As it stands, atomic design is unusable when implemented in Figma, because it’s not abstracted to a top-level interface as it is in Sketch.

Same can be said for the “template” approach, which is recommended by Figma. Your library users have to know to dive down past the template to make overrides, such as simply overriding the text. Yes! Just to override the fucking text, your user has to see and understand how the sausage is made!

Meanwhile, a here’s callout to all of you control-freak design system creators out there. Once your library customer has spelunked 3 levels just to change the text, they are also completely free to swap out the font, or to make it bold, or to make it safety-cone orange at 128px. How does that make you feel?

Me, I want to choose a variant, and that variant will provide me with a card. This card will show me which properties of the variant I can change and how I can change each one: the text, a true/false toggle, a choice among a selected list of styles, or freeform. Direct editing of the text is still welcome, of course. But it should feel like the text object is at top-level when the text overrride is allowed


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