Organisation wide API key


is there a way to create an organisation wide API key for the REST API? Currently its connected to a personal API key, which is not a good idea. We plan to export styles and variables in an automated way …

Hi - aside from the Activity Logs API, there isn’t currently any way to create an organization-wide API key. Thanks for the feedback - I’ll bring it back to the team for tracking.

As a workaround, some organizations have created a user that acts as a system/automation user to own the PAT - note that this workaround can get annoying if an org is using SSO.


Thx for the hint with SSO. Yes that will be an issue. And the other downside is that you have to pay a full license for that tech user :frowning:

Hi @Akbar_Mirza, has there been any progress on this idea of an organisation-wide access token? Thanks so much.