Negative vertical gap while wrapping

Hey everyone! Think this might be a bug, but when using the new Wrap feature in auto layout I’m not able to give it a negative integer (like -1 for example) to the vertical gap. This is possible for the horizontal gap, so that’s weird.

Have a good one!


Yes, I LOVE the new wrap feature, but I found this issue in like 10 seconds of playing around with it. I tried to make 2 rows that wrap, display with negative vertical space so they overlap a bit but it wouldn’t work. So I still have to make 2 variants. One for not wrapped (larger screens) and one for 2 rows overlapping (for smaller screens).

I’m running into the same issue with regular vertical auto layout, as well. Giving a negative value does nothing.

Update: it’s working for simple shapes (like rectangles), but not for complex objects.

@Nickel_Back Are you sure? For me it’s not working at all.

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