Need Mini Map

As a viewer, I need a mini map (as in many games) at a conner of the screen, so I can point on the mini map to jump to anywhere on the design immediately effortlessly. It would be great.


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Someone else already asked for this a few months ago. I would have appreciated a mini-map too! I’d like to know where I am (especially when I zoom to 100%) so I would know how I could get to where I want to go.

Without a mini-map, I end up having to zoom in and out constantly.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback, @Chuya_Guo!

We’ve re-opened the original request and merged your topics together, so we can continue to gauge interest from the community. Please be sure to Vote up top, if you haven’t already! :point_up_2:

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I’m not a fan of mini maps, but I like the idea of knowing where I am in a large file.
Two ideas:

  1. Implement a shortcut to get back to 0,0
  2. Shot coordinates next to eg. the hand
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I also am not much of a minimap fan, but it can be helpful if you can have it there as an icon and click on it when needed. That way you can easily go back to where you want to go and remove the scrolling task and the change of view size.

It would be great to have a mini-map “a la Mir/Mural” to navigate across a board

Thanks for the idea, @Maumus_Laurent!

We’ve merged it with an existing feature request to keep track of overall interest from the community.