Well, i just got that i can find and choose same layers in different frames…but cant do this in one frame if there is a lot of same instances… are you crazy? why did you that this way? its cringe

At first you made instances, but dont give the opportunity to change X-Y values, if instance is nested in another instance, but be able to change color, text, etc.
Now you made multiediting but not for instances inside one frame, but do this only for different frames… why don’t you just finish what you started?

Made already changing values for instances and multiediting for them inside one frame… I need to use interactive variants for making interactions beetween states, i dont want to work with states with the way of many frames and many same interactions beetween same layers. And please, consider when you create a new update how it will work with the other functions you have implemented. Do you understand how long its take to work without variants?

I need to find instances of master in frame what i choose, not only for those frames that i didn’t highlight

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