Move to Project? Not just Move to page

Currently, inside a figma file, if I select a screen/flow - I can move them to a page without losing comments and if anything is linked to those pages, the links will stay connected (ie. JIRA / Confluence.

Our engineering team has been descoping enhancements out of releases a lot lately and I have found no easy work around to move flows into a new file without losing the link connection and comments attached to those screens. Does anyone know a workaround for this?

Currently the way we do figma file structure is: Team: Clinical, File: Clinical V1.1 Release, Clinical V1.2 Release, Clinical V2 Release, Clinical Backlog (if we don’t have a release planned for items). Then instead each file we have pages like: Login, Organization, Profile etc…

Basically, I know there is a way to move layers (frames/screens) to a page but is there any way to move a page or layers to a new file.

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