Move to page... feels a bit random

The only way I know to move a component to a different page is via Move to page.
But it is unclear how Figma decides where in the page the component should be placed. If the page has lots of content already, it is sometimes very challenging to find where my component landed. Any way we could control this a bit better?

Ideally I’d like to Cut then Paste, though I suspect why it’s not that simple for components…

Any improvement here appreciated.

Objects are keeping their position, but your viewport is separate for each page.
So objects positioned on page 1 at x:1000 y:1000 will end up on page 2 at x:1000 y:1000.
But switching from page to page you might have the view centered at position x:437 y: 720 at page 1 but x:2211 y:-1800 on page 2. At different zoom levels at that.

Thanks for clarifying. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to paste it, say, 100px underneath the bottom-most object of the page? So that we have a pattern that we can learn easily.

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