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More options for "Hover" Effects! 💪


  1. I’m a really passionate person about the use “hover effect”. And I realize that for everything that I want to “hover”. I have to make an “frame”.
    And it’s ok, I could unterstand this. The problem is when I see the “panel layers” And I see a lot of frames.
    I try to “group” all the layers that I use “hover effect”. But when I do this Everything has broken. (When I put the “cursor” in “hover effect” it shows me all the frames in that group, not just that I needed!)

So, for a little text to explain a “feature” like a (This button helps to improve… da da da… “in a hover effect”) I have to create a frame and it is Difficult to organise that.

I don’t know if for only text, in the “prototype” tap, could exist and option to write a text and THIS SAME TEXT shows in the element. [So, I don’t need to create a frame, only for explain a feature or image]

  • Or just to fix the “prototype” when is a lot of “archives” in the same frame…

(Sorry, if I couldn’t explain me well, but I hope you can understand my point. Thanks)

  1. In this picture I show an Example of what I have to do when I use “Hover Effects”

  2. And I think add or resolve this feature, could helps a lot many Designers o Similars And Improve the Interaction in Figma prototype…

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