Marmoset Toolbag viewer embed into figma

Hi there, I’m somewhat new to Figma. I have been using it as a visual designer, I take wireframes from our core HMI team, and create branded visuals for them. One issue I have is that sometimes I need to incorporate 3D elements. I understand that Figma is not a 3D application, but what I am wondering is if there is a way to embed a 3D viewer from an HTML format into my Figma project, then overlay 2D visuals on top of it.

I use software called Marmoset Toolbag that can export a 3D scene as an HTML file to be embedded for web use, and am curious if that could work somehow. Would I need to upload the Marmoset scene to an online repository first?

Just curious if this is even possible, as it would greatly bolster what I deliver to our software teams! Would be nice to have embedded viewers of 3D assets to have instead of just placeholder images.

Thanks for your time!

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