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Layered Background-Images with Blend Mode "Lighten" not exporting correctly

I have noticed that there seems to be some issue with assets that are being exported, when some of those have multiple backgrounds with at least one of them having the blend-mode “lighten”.

This is what it looks like in figma.

It’s being exported incorrectly and even the export preview already shows the error. Only the “lighten” blend-modes are affected. Other layers have also some blend modes but they export correctly.

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 19.05.29

Any idea how to solve this issue?

Can you share this example file?

I’ve extracted the issue into a separate file but I cannot upload *.fig files here.

Just send the link, .fig is useless.

Alright, here’s the link:

The bottom image is transparent, so the colors you are seeing are coming from the gray Figma background. If you set the layer to Normal instead of Pass Through you will see that when it can’t mix with the background, it becomes non-transparent.

You need to add non-transparent background to this image so it gets exported with the colors you want.

oh! I see, thank you so much. That makes sense!

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