Is there the ability to create symbols/instances in Figma?

Hi there,

I’ve used Figma a number of times this year for clients. One thing that I really find that I find would be a great use is the ability to instance asset on the canvas, otherwise known as making symbols of elements. In HTML5 there’s IDs and classes. Back in the day Flash had movieclips etc.

Is there a way to work with these layouts in a more object-oriented fashion? It would be really nice to be able to change the “background_id” and it globally changes the background everything on the canvas with that name without having to go through the myriad units and change them by marquee.

Does something like that exist in Figma? Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

Are you looking for Styles and Components?

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Hi Gleb,

I think components might fit the bill. The name ‘components’ really denotes objects that have functionality like radio buttons or video players.

I’d just like to have said logo be the “logo_id” and so if I change one “logo_id” to red from white, all of them change across the canvas that have that same instance. From the sound of it, that sounds like that would work. I’ll look into it.