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Hi @Josh can you please verify my profile ? i have a demo to show for a client. I’ve signed up on google form

Hi @Josh can you please verify me, this is the fifth day and still no feature or mail.

It’s been a week since I requested access to the beta version, but I haven’t received it yet. please ask if you can help me and release access in any way, in this same email.

-Alisson, Brazil

Hi Josh, how are you?

I signed up for Figma Beta a week ago and I still haven’t received the access, could you approve my application, please?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hi Josh
I signed up 10 days ago but still haven’t received any notification. Not even if my form was submitted?
Hope you can help

hello @Josh would appreciate a push on this as I need this for a project with a deadline … also its been 6 days :slight_smile:

Hi @Josh and @darren
I filled out the beta registration form. Can you give me access to interactive components?

Hey there, I recently signed up and would also like to have access to beta. Much appreciated.

Hi Josh, can you please grant me access? Thanks.

This is frustrating since I haven’t received a confirmation email nor I have the option to turn on interactive components on any of my design files.

To all the people struggling to get this thing enabled ↓↓↓↓

If you have submitted the form days ago, there seems to be a bug in the sense that the Interactive Components checkbox on the Prototype tab DOES NOT SHOW UP BY ITSELF, although the feature might be enabled for your account - I have not received a confirmation email or any notification of some sort to let me know of this. Unfortunately refreshing figma, clearing cookies or even reinstalling won’t make it show up as @Josh suggested.

You have to actually try and link with an interaction two components within a variant group to have it show up!

I made a short video demonstrating this, although very simple not very obvious at all and hopefully will save some people the couple of hours of frustration I went through:

Hello, Is there anyone here who has been able to use variants in prototyping rather than having multiple components repeated over and over again in the design.

I am trying to figure out to make the best use of the Figma Beta but I still follow the old traditional way of prototyping especially when trying to do mouse over and on click states in my prototyping.

I await positive feedback or perhaps a link to a suggestive video that can be of help.

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@Gleb its been 7 days now, i didn’t received the approval. what should I do

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I just checked on the status for everyone above this post and you all should have access. Please make sure to refresh and follow our help articles for turning on interactive components within your file. Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you have questions around your status for access to the beta please use the following topic instead: Interactive component access request

Thanks so much for your interest in the interactive components beta!

We’re excited to announce that the beta has ended, and the feature is now available to all Figma editors. Check out our playground file to learn how to get started.

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