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I have requested access to interactive beta components, but have yet to participate. How do I participate?

I am trying to join the interactive prototype. So if you can help me get signed up. I’ll really appreciate

Hello, I sent the first request to participate in the beta test, how much time has passed since the first request I do not remember, but exactly more than 3 days. Since that time, the option to enable/disable interactive components has disappeared in “Prototype” (it simply does not exist) and the ability to create an interactive component has also not appeared. I sent the request again today. Is there any way to find out if I’m connected to beta or not? Thank you in advance.
The letter did not arrive at the post office.

Hello! I need help. I signed up for the interactive components beta already 3 times in the span of a month and I never got the access. Please, advise what should I do.

@Karolina_Salamon I just checked and it looks like you’re in the beta. Make sure that it’s turned on in the file you’re working in:

Dear Figma Team,

I am developing the ‘Figma-Low-Code’ plugin. I would like to kindly request access to the Interactive Component beta, so I can include the functionality in Figma-Low-Code.

Here is the link to the plugin and project:

Kind Regards,

Klaus Schaefers

Hi! I’m having the same issue. I’ve signed up-multiple times for the interactive components beta and I can’t seem to access the feature either

It’s great to be a part of this Beta community. I have been using this interactive component feature for almost more than a month and it is truly time saving and interesting to play around with it. The prototype loading has become bit slow but that’s okay. I request to allow easy access to this beta feature, as I showed it to some designers at my organisation and they have applied for it but they haven’t got access to this feature.

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I would also love access to this, but the link to the sign-up form is broken. Otherwise, when official release? So keen to start using it, I wish I never saw this functionality lol.

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Here, try clicking on the link below-

Hello, signed up a couple days ago, cant wait to test it out! :smiley:

Hi! the same problem(((

Same problem — same answer. :slight_smile:

You can re-submit the beta access request form with the new email.

ohhh))) i sent a few emails. maybe some problems with gmail?

Which emails? You just need to fill the form and wait:

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Hello! i have a problem with join figma interactive components. I sent 5 inquiries to join , but i didn’t have any answers. How long you wait to join interactive components?

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I applied a week ago and have not received beta approval, what should I do?

Hello there, I did 3-4 times. haven’t received any confirmation. Can you help me with this as well?

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hello, is there anyway to accelerate the process? we requested beta access some days ago as a company, clients was told to wait some more days to receive the prototype in time, but we still had no news

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I won’t advice to use interactive components on critical projects until they are out of Beta, there are still some glitches. You can still deliver great results without the details that interactive components allow.