I need help to create a plugin with similar features as Blush

Hello everyone,

While I was watching a presentation about Blush figma plugin, I realized I do need something like that for my work.

My needs are quite basic but I do not know enough about javascript to build a plugin by myself.

The basics:

  • I have several basic shapes (disk, half-disk, donut, etc) in vector format,
  • I have several colors

What I want:
A way to generate random stuff regarding previous basics by hitting one button

the rules:
By hitting “random”, I want to generate a shape from the defined pool, random rotation (+90, +180, +270), random colors (from the color palet) and random size (+0%, +200%, +300%)

I think it’s quite easy to set up but I do need help to start something because of my lack of knowledge in JS and basic programming.

Can someone help me on this?
thank you !