I cant manually set the position the overlay is going to open by putting it inside a conditional interaction

the overlay positioning doesnt work, i=the semi-transparent thingy doesnt show up when i choose to manually choose where the overlay is going to show up.


Hi there, thank you for reporting this to us. I have passed this information along to our engineering team.

u can also report that figma changes the value of the “change to” to the same of u stack conditionals, if i change one he applies to the others as well

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+1. I have an icon button. On click, if variable "first time" == true, show dialog box component (centered), else show select menu (manual position). I can’t accomplish this because manual overlay position can’t be set as reported by @Gabriel_Eccel_Superti. And also, similar to immediately above, if you set overlay settings to “manual” for one conditional, it sets the same setting for the other(s). i.e. If I set "first time" == true to “centered” it forces the setting for "first time" == false to also be “centered.”

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Is there an ETA for this fix?

Yes. I am also encountering this bug. Would be great to have a ETA for this fix. Thank you!

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