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How to pull an object out of autolayout's flow?

What do I want to do?
When stretching the card:

  1. The HyperX logo should be aligning to the right.

  2. Game’s name and Tournament’s name should be stretching.

  3. Bottom button should stay on the left.

  4. Background should be stretching as well.

  5. Red Triangle should be aligning to the right.

I managed to do everything exept the 5th one because.
As you can see I put the autolayout and the triangle inside a frame as siblings. I thought I would make the Layout’s constraints left&right but I can’t select both of them.

Check out my Auto Layout Tips & Hacks file:
I’m pretty sure you will be able to find a solution there. :slight_smile:

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“0x0 frame trick”. But it took a while to get the result I needed moving that frame manually. Haven’t fully got the idea yet. Anyway it helped for now. Gonna be testing the result. Thank you!

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