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How to have all frames update for a prototype?

I’m creating a prototype for a class project. I have frames that are duplicates of one main frame with small changes made so that when buttons are clicked, it looks like the user is interacting with the site.

However, as you can see in bottom right frame (“Main Page - Filled In”) of the screenshot below, I’ve realized that I want the middle “Where” field to be filled in with “New York, NY”, but it’s too small to contain the “NY” part. So I need to make that field wider on all of the frames.

How do I go about doing that? (Without editing each frame manually, as I will need to make small changes like this later on when there are many more frames.)

I’ve tried just editing it on the “Main Page - Filled In” frame, but it doesn’t seem to update elsewhere. And the same thing occurs if I edit the main component on the “Main Page” frame. Is there some way to push position and width edits from the main component to other components?


First, it turns out I wasn’t editing the main component’s width. Editing the main component’s width will update all frames.

Second, to move all of the instances of a main component at the same time, select an instance, then go to “Edit >> Select All with Same Instance” (Source), then shift-click the main component to select it as well, then move them all at once.

Try Select Similar plugin or Similayer. Also you can use a native function: Edit → Select all with same instance.

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Is there anyway to select the main component as well as all of its instances in a single select, or will I have to shift-click the main component every time?

I don’t think there is a way to do that without shift + click.