How to create Apple wifi icon from scratch?

How would you approach this?

Two approaches:

  1. Draw them as 3 arcs (basically quarter circles) and slightly round the corners.
  2. If you have SF Pro font installed, just copy/paste the wifi symbol from SF Symbols app and convert from outline.

Option 2 would be my choice because it would get you an exact match to the symbol.

This is how far 3 arcs got me :grimacing:


Oh, I sympathize, @Daniel37! Drawing tasks like this can be counterintuitive.

Here’s the basic approach:

  • You need three ellipses: one small, one medium and one large sized
  • Align the ellipses at their H&V centers (i.e., make them concentric; you may need to turn off Snap to Pixel Grid for this)
  • Apply the same Start ° and Sweep % of the arc for all ellipses
  • Adjust the Ratio % of the arc separately for each ellipse to produce the different arc shapes
  • Apply the same corner radius px # to all three ellipses

Here’s a quick example to show where the settings are:

Option: Instead of the Arc Start°, you can set the object rotation (no idea if either has advantages)