How to center a text in frame

Hi everyone

I have a frame with 3 elements inside but i want my text in the center to actually be center while the text on the left and right to hug the sides. Is there a way to do this? Right now the text “Join Us On Facebook” is off by 20 px but the other text are perfectly hugging the sides of the grid


Pic example :

You can either move it to the left by the amount of (padding + star size) / 2 pixels or you can add the same padding on the right for this container.

But u cant move it when its a frame ? or am i missing something

I mean you need to move the auto layout frame, not the text inside. Of course if you were to only move the text without the icon, it would overlap with the star icon, and you probably don’t want that.

Ah so basically on that nav bar i shouldnt use auto layout at all?

Ok so i see the problem the left text was 92 px width , the right text was like 112px so that’s why it was causing the problem , as soon as i changed it to the same width for both it worked like charm :slight_smile: