How can I replace a section of a Figma component within a component group?


I have a component group made for my navigation, I would like to replace the ‘stores’ icon within the component group with the new set of stores navigation components.

How can I do this for it to update the design library across all of the files automatically?


Hmmm. You might need to be elaborate a little more for people to give you an answer specific to your situation. However, I give it a go.

In general, you will need to have permissions to edit the library file to do that. You will need to find the master component then edit/replace the icon within. After doing that you will have to publish the changes. After that, you will have to open up the files that reference the library component to accept the library changes.

Here is a help file that outlines the publishing process:

Hope that helps! If that doesn’t cover it, give us some more details and we can try again.