How can I reduce the figma panels size?

Thanks a lot. I’ve been trying to fix this for ages.

I made mine so small… and I do not see “Interface Scale” under the view.

I really wish they would find a way that is more intuitive to change the size of our sidebars. I have no clue how I did this - everything is SO TINY - and I can’t see any “fix” I also tried the shortcut keys mentioned previously.

I don’t see interface scale in the sidebar under “view” (but I can barely make anything out)

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Hi mike. Thank you for the best solution

worked for me too

Thank you so much

Hi All, in figma left layer section become small now, how can I make big? pls let me know.

It works! Thank you, Katayoun!!

Jesus christ, these developers are insane. Thank you, their help center doesn’t mention that this is hidden in a tiny little arrow that I’ve never even noticed.

I’m always amazed how basic UX is sometimes thrown out of the window, especially when it comes to software that’s intended for designers. There is really no excuse to hide it like this. Unbelievable.

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I had the issue, the left panel can be made bigger or smaller by dragging the cursor once you see the double ended arrows either to the left to make it smaller, to the right to make it bigger. Not as simple as it sounds, if you have ruler ON make sure to disable it and then the double ended arrows for left panel show up. With ruler set to ON the first double ended arrow is for ruler so make sure to exclude the ruler area to reach the actual double ended arrow which lets you drag the panel. Hope this was useful for anyone having this issue. Wasted good 10 minutes to figure it.

It worked :+1:t4::+1:t4: