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How can I quickly select a parent object?

  1. How can I quickly select a parent object?

It is too inconvenient to press “shift+enter” after selecting a child object with “cmd+click”.
Is there a way to choose quickly with just “keyboard+click”?

  1. Is there a shortcut in which the property panel is focused like alt+tap in the sketch?

  2. Is there a way to adjust the size to what percentage of the parent frame? (For example, a method of adjusting a current object to 70% of a parent frame)

Shift+ Enter is probably your best bet here. Outside of that you could right click and use the context menu to select the parent element that way. Also possible but definitely longer would be to use command+/ to open the quick actions menu where you can type and run “select parent”

Not at the moment but you can vote on the feature request here: Add shortcut for focus X-position field in Design panel (Like cmd + tab in Sketch)

Also not available directly within Figma but there are a few plugins out there that may be able to help with this.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I can’t find the plugin, please suggest me.

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