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Horizontal Footer Bar does not care about width

On my first Figma Sheet I have created a horizontal Bar for the footer line. On this Page, the last layer in Hierarchy, it response fully with the width. Sorting the artboard in vertical Position the Footerbar is doing what it should do. Great, created it as Component. Duplicated this Artboard for two more State Pages, means, they should display a Status change. Anyway, the Footerbar-Component copies acting how the original one does. Fine.
But on a second page, with another content, this Footerbar with the same properties does not response to the artboard width. When I put the Footerbar as lowest Layer it does not response to the width. When I sizing the Artbook the Footerbar stays in the middle and the bottom, but is not changing the width (should be 100% to the Artboard width).
What should I look for that could cause that?
Again. Footerbar is a component element. It has the same settings as the parent component on another artboard on the same Figma page. (auto layout: horizontal. Alignment and Spacing: bottom middle, Padding left/right 100, Constraints and Resizing: Center, Bottom, Hug content)

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