Hi guys! Why can I preview as the design?

I press the preview, the preview is not present as the design frame. The c# code generation is also work successfully as it comes up a NullPointExecption. How can I fix this?

there is some error that I cant understand well.

Hi @coco2, Thank you for reaching out and for sharing the screenshot.

Based on the screenshots you provided, it looks like your question and those error messages are related to this specific plugin: Uno Platform (Figma to C# or XAML)

If you’re encountering any issues with plugins from our community, I recommend reaching out directly to the plugin creators for the most accurate assistance.
You can find their contact details on the right side of the plugin page under “Support,” or you could leave a comment on the plugin page.

I hope this helps! If there’s anything I misunderstood, please let us know.
Additionally, if anyone from our community has further suggestions or insights, please feel free to join this conversation.