Hi @figma Has my community account been suspended?

Hi @figma Has my community account been suspended?

I didn’t get any notification, but my community account is gone, and all the files I shared are gone?

May I ask why my community account is suspended?

Hi @ByeWind ,
The forums are primarily run by the community. Please reach out to the support team directly via this form for help about your community account:

OK thank you

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I submitted the question form, but Figma has not contacted me yet.
Should I keep waiting?
How long do I have to wait?

Hi there,

Normally, you receive a response within 24 hours. We confirmed that the community team received your recent email, but it also looks like they actually reached out to you yesterday regarding your account suspension.

Please check you inbox and possibly your junk/spam folder just in case it landed there by mistake.

I have checked. I did not receive the email that my account was closed. Could you please confirm that the email was sent to the following address?


Yes, that is the exact email the community review team wrote to. They’ve also resent the information contained in that email again in response to your new ticket, just now.

We’re going to redact your email from your previous reply for privacy and security purposes.

I received your email and responded to it.
Now I know that you have suspended my account because of the ads in the work I shared.
I very much regret doing so.

But at the same time I’m confused about the boundaries of advertising, how do you assess whether it’s advertising or not.

I’ve listed a few behaviors below. Please let me know if they are advertising.

  1. I put a link to my website in the work I shared
  2. I put links to my other works in the works I shared
  3. I put links to helpful documentation in the work I shared
  4. I put a Pro version purchase link in the shared work
  5. I put links to my social media in the work I share
  6. I put other links in my shared work

Our community team received your response. They’ll be in touch with more information.