Gradients angle control after last update

Earlier there was a white dot to control (or reset) the gradient angle. Now, after the last update there is no such dot, but a blue button to turn whole gradient in 90 degrees increments.

Did not use this feature much but there is a strange Figma behavior that made me use it – when you made a gradient with straight fill and copied it to a different proportions shape the angle of the gradient changed from default. So sometimes i had to change/reset it manually. But now i can’t((

Any ideas what is in the Figma makers minds?

Hello @Evgeny_Chulyuskin1, Thank you for contacting us regarding the control of gradient angles. I understand your frustration with something changing from what you are used to.

Although I couldn’t reproduce the gradient angle change when copied to a different shape, you can adjust the gradient angle by dragging the arrow that appears when you hover over the tip of the bar on the object with the gradient fill applied.
Please check the recording below for a visual demonstration.

I hope this information is helpful! If I overlooked anything, please do not hesitate to let us know. Additionally, we appreciate any insights or workarounds from our community!

Thank you,

Thank you for the answer! But i was talking not about the angle of the gradient line(bar). I know how to turn the control line. I was talking about a change of angle of the gradient itself independent from the gradient control line.

To reproduce it you have to make a gradient in one shape – say vertical rectangle but that gradient inside it has to be ROTATED at any angle (not beeing strictly vertical or horizontal). And then you copy it to another shape – say horizontal rectangle. If you try to edit the gradient in second shape you will see that the angle between the control line and the gradient itself is not 90 degrees.

I dont know why this happens but there might be some logic behind it. But earlier there was a control for chaging this angle (like the dot in radial gradient that also changes the angle).

So the problem is that the change between gradient control line and the gradient itself happens but there is no way to fix it in the second shape.

I found out that when you move the edge points of gradient control line with ALT pressed they move independently from the angle but this behavior is rather strange and not precisely controlled.

I’m talking about this dot that remains in a radial gradient (ALT+SHIFT when moving this dot resets the gradient to a perfect circle). There was a dot like this in a linear gradient but not after the last update.

Actually there is no real need for changing this gradient angle independently from the gradient control line only if there were not such strange angle change when copying a gradient (rotated) to a different shape.

Either return this control (dot) or make all linear gradients never change this angle only the rotation of the control line when copying to a different shape.

Hello @Evgeny_Chulyuskin1, Thank you for providing clarification with helpful images! I appreciate your effort in helping us understand the issue, and I was able to replicate the behavior.

I’ll contact our support team to explore if we can offer any assistance. I will keep you informed once I have any updates.

Thank you!

Hey @Evgeny_Chulyuskin1, can you please try the following?

  1. Change gradient mode to radial
  2. Drag the third handle (no modifiers)
  3. Change mode back to linear

Let us know how that goes!

I did - this does the thing it should do - the dot in radial gradient when pressed/dragged with ALT+SHIFT resets radial gradient to a perfect circle and switching back to linear also shows corrected straight gradient. But the main angle of the gradient relative to the screen is not the same as it was in the original shape (1).

So it still seems like a broken mechanic. But maybe there is no other elegant way to make it behave differently when copying between different shapes. Because as i understand the coordinates of the control points are relative to each shape’s inner size/coordinates/proportions.

But i’d appreciate if somehow the gradient did not change it’s angle (relative to screen) and also did not change it’s inner 90 deg. angle like it does now (because it is not needed in linear gradient). Even if it has to change the Y (vertical) position of the control points.

Thank you for your attention to this issue!

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