Fr/Percent units for more control over auto layout content

It’s crazy that 3 years later we’re still waiting for a key feature like this one. I would trade all the AI implemented for a quick release of this feature.


After seven years, Figma still REFUSES to acknowledge the need for percentage widths. BASIC HTML layout, and Figma continues to ignore the most needed design element there is. They literally made auto layout but it is USELESS without proper width setting.

Figma does everything they can to close every post requesting this. Combining multiple posts to make it look like it is not a widely requested need.

Figma is not made up of designers. Figma does not understand UX or UI and could care less what designers need.

It has gotten very old.


This would be an invaluable addition to Figma. It’s an essential method for layout in HTML + CSS, and seems like something that Figma could handle in terms of technological feasibility. It is confounding that this request has been out on the forum in various forms for such a long time. Can we get an update on whether this is being considered by Figma’s product team and where it might be on the roadmap?

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You think with the release of AI code assistants they’d be able to release things quicker wouldnt you? I honestly thing they have 1 peron managing the community and one sleepy dev working on the product right now

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ha ha. should have left the comment. was funny and no one reads this board anyway.

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After this latest disaster with the new drafts thing and how they destroyed the organization of the sidebar…I might be looking for a different tool.

Literally they did not have to reorder ALL of the 38 items I had in my starred section.

PSST: (cough)…Framer…(cough)

Yeah, creating Bento style layouts is maddening and I end up creating all kinds of unnecessary containers. I also end up duplicating all kinds of work in larger files.

I’m not sure why they implemented Autolayout with only the three options they have currently. Clearly, the CSS community aligned on a grid system where you could just tell every box how many grid units to span in either height or width.