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Font size changing on prototype on click or hover

So, I’ve been having this issue on multiple components, sometimes on hover and sometimes on click. This is the simplest example: I have a toggle button component with text next to it. The component has two variants (on and off). The only thing I have changed for the second variant is the position of the circle and the color behind it. For the prototype, I have set it so it changes variant on click. When I open the prototype and click on the toggle button, the font size changes but I never changed the font size anywhere.

This also happens sometimes when I have some sort of a card and I want it to have a border and a shadow on hover. When I hover over a card, one line of text gets bigger.

So, nothing is changed except the color in the toggle example or the additional border and shadow in the card example, and every time the font size changes even tho I didn’t change anything about the fonts.

I have a bunch of components on this project and everything

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