Fixed footer not appearing in prototype


I have a footer on the a side drawer that is not appearing in my prototype. I have fixed position when scrolling as well as constraints set to bottom and left. I also have lines in my design file that are not appearing in my prototype.

Please help!


Hi Mika, I had this issue before. This is from a post help I posted. Let me know if it helps!

Oct 30

Possible Solution:

I worked on it until I found a solution after fixing the constraints you suggested to the bottom but the footer still wasn’t showing up when I tested my prototype.

So, I figured that it must be an issue with one of the components within the folder. What happens was one of the components within the footer folder was not set to vertical scrolling. You can check this by:

-selecting the main component that you used to create the instance from.

-Enter prototype mode
-under the overflow scrolling menu if it says no scrolling, change that to vertical or horizontal scrolling (in your case vertical)

If the primary component is not set to scrolling then it won’t appear when you check the “Fix position when scrolling box” under the constraints menu when in design mode.

Hope this helps you.

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