Figma USELESS. 2 major bugs

Since July 1st:

  1. Figma so slow that it takes 30 seconds to respond when I click an 150x100 px image.
  2. When I try to download the 1 image I get about a 1 minute delay and then it says “Downloading images 0/10” (and it takes about 10 minutes to get to 2/10).

*My networks are extremely fast and stable.
*I have tried this on 2 different Pro Mac PCs on 3 different networks.
*I have tried this with the Mac OS native app, as well as on Safari and Chrome.
*I am trying to migrate back to SKETCH but the images that I need are on Figma and I can’t download.

Anyone else experiencing this? What can I do?

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I have also experienced this. I went back to a file today and it is mostly unresponsive with long delays trying to even click anything or pan the canvas. This same file was completely fine a few days ago. I can’t recall if this was the first time I’ve worked in this file since the desktop app update, but I think so.

it’s only about 8 desktop frames. There are a lot of images, but again, it was perfect a few days ago. Unfortunately unusable now.

Exact same thing is happening to me, I even restored my computer (I use a MacBook) and everything is still the same

Same results in browser and desktop app - very high CPU usage.

Browser (Chrome):

Desktop app:

I also rebooted my MacBook Pro, opened no other apps, and same results. I then moved each frame to a separate page in the file, which is better, but still not as swift as it was a few days ago.