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Figma partnerships with Incubators

Hi beautiful people of Figma!

I have a question, do you create partnerships with Incubators?

My name is Sebastian Otarola Silva, I’m currently leading the Technology team at MINC Malmö, Sweden ( which is an incubator where we house the most promising startups in Sweden. Now, I’ve used Figma since it saw the day of light (was invited to the beta ages ago) and think this is THE tool to use. I teach alot about collaboration tools to the companies at MINC and Figma is the go-to design tool when I tutor prototyping, design systems, component handling and all that jazz.

Now to the question. Do you have a partner-program where we could maybe see if we could establish a relation ship with MINC and have figma as the offical design tool so we can onboard our companies in a smooth way?

To give some context, we’re building up a toolkit of technology with preferred/validated partners so our startups can cherry-pick stack and tools that we (tech team) deems as great. We’re working with AWS, Google, Microsoft, Stripe, Shopify and are now talking to Apple among others. Where they commit different levels of credits, access to industry experts and so on. So we have awesome “Lego bricks” ready for our companies to build their tech on, but are lacking a killer design-tool in our toolbox.

Let me know if this is a setup you’d like to explore. Couldn’t find any other suitable way of contacting you so… here goes nothing :call_me_hand:

Take care and thanks for the amazing tool.