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Figma Mirror is not working in iOS 15

The mirror function in the mirror app doesn’t work - iOS 15.2

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iPhone 11, 15.1 - Figma mirror works like Figma preview, not mirror :confused:

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After about 6 months in and Figma mirror still not working on iOS15? :sweat_smile:

There is definitely a problem here, I can use it on my iPhone, iPad and so on using iOS 15 but some people doesn’t. It is pretty laggy with prototypes tho.

it was working fine for me until today… now it’s just a black screen with no options. i’m using ios13 and i’ve tried everything from hard reset to reinstalling with no avail. now seeing people having problems and no solutions offered for many months is just alarming. might need to fall back to sketch if it goes on like this…


I have go to comment in Figma Official Twitter Page!!! Let’s comment the BIG BUG on its Main Page!!! Make them noticing this BIG Problem!!! and fixed it as soon as possible!!! :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

What about the IOS 14.X system? Abandoned?

ios14.6 Also does not display the design drawing, black screen

Hey all! Catching up on this thread now. A few things I can share from my experience:

Here’s the video response

  • A few fixes for the black screen bug have been pushed out over the past week. We definitely haven’t abandoned earlier iOS versions, especially something as recent as 14.
  • If you’re running iOS 14.5 or newer, I recommend upgrading to the new app if you’re still on the legacy Figma Mirror app.
  • I was able just now to test working versions of both the new Figma app and legacy Figma mirror app on iOS 14.3 and 14.8 (see screenshot and attached video for details).
  • I’ll see if I can test an iOS 13 device and Androids, if you have examples you can share it will be super helpful for the team.

Thanks everyone!

I found an iPhone 7 running iOS 13.3.1 and was able to repro the black screen bug. Closing and reopening the app might help (and making sure it’s up to date).