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Figma Mirror is not working in iOS 15

You mean working on iOS 15 beta 3 or working as an URL on the browser?

We’ve just shipped a temporary fix whilst we wait for the next iOS 15 Beta, so everything should be working now. Please let me know if you’re having any issues though!


THANKS!!! :innocent: Its work, but slow

Hello everyone! Figma Mirror is not working in IOS 14.6. The app closes and does not display animations well.

Not working on iOS 15.1. Any information will be helpful. Thank you.

What devices are you using? I’m currently on iOS 15.0.1 and everything is working fine. Transitions and animations are a bit laggy but it works. On both Mac and Windows/Web.

I have an iPhone 12 mini running 15.1 and a iPhone Xs running 15.0.1. Both won’t respond when I tap on an element in the Figma file.

I am using the most current Figma desktop app.

It may sound like a stupid question, but have you tried uninstalling it then installing again? It happened to me before, uninstalling it solved the issue.

Yes, several times. I have even erased the mini and reinstalled the iOS thinking it would give me an option for iOS 14.8, however it didn’t. Instead it installed iOS 15.1 by default…

Yeah, just checked it here, apple is not signing iOS 14.8 anymore.
Well, I don’t know anything else that could help. Maybe trying another account to preview? Sorry I couldn’t help.

Maybe try some other alternatives for preview.
I’ve found some

Well, thanks for the quick response. I’ll try with another account perhaps.

It was working in iOS 15 Beta, but stopped with the larger release (15.1).

Please help!

Also experiencing this issue. I have an organization account and am running iOS v15.0.2. Tried reinstalling and signing out/in again to no avail.

Same over here on iOS 15.0.2 and Figma mirror 2.8.
Impossible to mirror anything even after signing out/in and uninstall/reinstall, nothing seems to work, please help :pray: