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Error trying to enter Figma of Friends

Hello! I’ve been trying to enter my Figma account into Figma Friends for several weeks but I can’t, it loads and then I get an error on the screen that says refresh the page, I do it but nothing happens. Please help!!! I have already missed three events for this problem.

@Nadia_Hussain is there an issue with the FoF platform?

Hi @Maria_Fernanda_Quintero - So sorry to hear you’re running into this issue! I’m sharing your screenshot with the Bevy team to help troubleshoot. (You can also always reach out to them directly at In the meantime, could you try clearing your cache and cookies?

:wave: You may want to contact directly since they need your email address in order to troubleshoot.

Hi @Nadia_Hussain Well, I followed your advice to clear the cache and cookies but I still have the same problem, I also tried to enter using another browser, Brave but the error problem continues to appear

Yes, I will contact right now. Thanks @Nadia_Hussain