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Edit code of objects

  1. Copy/Past code from an existing (web)object to generate or change objects in figma isnt possible (eg style code from the web to format text)

  2. You need to rebuild it in figma by hand

  3. Wouldnt it be great to change code of any object right in the inspect mode?

Can you share a little more about what you mean by this? Are you wanting the ability to copy and paste HTML or CSS directly into Figma? Or are you wanting a way to edit objects via code?

If possible please provide more context (screenshots, details, etc.)

Hey @Roland_Strahlhofer is what you’re looking for something like this plugin?

Nope. I am thinking about the reverse way: Editing Code INSIDE Figma

My wish is to edit code here - inside figma’s inspect panel:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-28 um 09.13.40