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Edges not showing when using fill image on a stroke line

Is there a way to stop the corners of a vector line drawing from being cropped when using stroke and an image for the colour of the stroke
Basically I’m importing a svg file that has a transparent background and a line drawing that has a stroke at 1.5px. The vector imports correctly and has rounded edges but when I apply an image as the colour option to it the corners of the shape get cropped off slightly and have a flat shape rather than rounded. This is where the stroke has exceeded the vector’s box (I can see the crop is at the edge of the blue line).
Any help here would be hugely appreciated!

Not 100% sure of what you mean by this. Can you share a screenshot?

Yes sorry, should have put that in to begin with :grimacing:
So the grey shows the vector square with a colour applied to the Stroke.
Once I use an image as the overlay to the Stroke it cuts off the corners…!
Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 17.22.46|491x500