Duplicate Text Styles/Color Styles folder

It is a basic necessity, add a duplicate button and it will save us so much time.


Nice one. thx

Did this guide for those of you who don’t enjoy cutting and pasting between multiple files.

There’s a little learning curve to this method, but should work smoothly when you get used to it.

Just adding a +1 to keep this open and (hopefully) on Figma’s radar. It’s a much needed feature and should be basic functionality.

upping this too!

Incredible a so basic functionality is not even already done !
Maybe a plugin that manage the style already do the trick, if someone know a good one

Also, it is annoying to have to duplicate style that are kind of related, like the bold version of a style.
It is a duplication as any change in the style of one need to be replicated to maintain consistency, like the line height spacing.

Instead, it will be better to have a kind of style + modifier concept where, for example, I inherit all style of another style but override font weight for example

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This is a must.

I’m working on a multi-language project. The way the test-styles are implemented now just drives me crazy. Simply being able to duplicate styles would save a lot of time. I really hope that this idea will be implemented soon!

We still need this. For example, I have body text group with 5 different size styles in it, and I need to create several absolutely similar groups for bold, italic or underline text. Still open context menu every time hoping to discover duplicate function ))