Downgrade Figjam plan to free: How?

As per to the subject line, I have been maintaining a professional plan, hardly if ever, uses FigJam. And yet without prior awareness, I have been accumulating $5 USD debits per month nearing close to a YEAR ~ FigJam is hardly something I even use.

So how do I completely downgrade FigJam to just the bare bones free version? Without cancelling the entire Figma professional plan? This is not explained clearly anywhere on the official documents although I am open to be corrected.

Yes there is a thread on this already. But do I have to physically raise a manual cancellation request just to cancel FigJam?

Check out this reply in the thread you linked: How to cancel FigJam billing? - #2 by Gleb

There is no “barebones free version”. Figma charges based on teams. If you add a FigJam file to your paid team, you get charged for FigJam. But you don’t get charged for files in Drafts or Starter teams, so you either need to create a starter team for your FigJam files (unlimited collaborators, up to 3 files) or keep all your FigJam files in Drafts (unlimited collaborators, unlimited files) without putting them in your paid team.

Hi @Gleb thank you for the prompt response much appreciated.

Looking through my paid Teams project view I only have had one (1) FigJam file, and only one it seems, is enough to trigger this $5 USD per month subscription.

So now I have moved the FigJam file into my drafts. I was honestly expecting some sort of courtesy notification that the $5 USD per month subscription is now disabled, removed, remitted or waved, or something along those lines.

Alas, there is just no notification what so ever. Hence, potentiating legal ramification if users aren’t notified of any change of billing at all, from just merely moving files across their dashboard.

I have already decided yesterday to file a support ticket on this very issue. We shall see.

Thank you @Gleb and anyone else who can chime in on this.


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That’s exactly right. It doesn’t matter how many files you have as long as you are using the product in your paid team.

Figma likes to avoid telling you what you are paying for as it makes them more money. :slight_smile:

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Just an obliged update for anyone who is wondering.

It’s been a number of days since I have filed a support ticket on this issue. Yet nobody has responded.

^ Just thought I could chime in incase anyone is anxious whether or not I have received an official word, or two. Alas, not yet.


@Andrew16 My apologies if you haven’t gotten a response - did you receive a ticket humber when you originally reached out? If so, can you PM me that number?

I was looking into what may have happened, and I don’t see any tickets that are associated with the email address registered to your Figma account. Was this filed via a direct email to or by filling out our help center form?

Could you also let me know if you used a different email address when you contacted us? I want to make sure this didn’t get bounced.

Hi @knishida much appreciated. apologies for the long delay as I was inundated literally for days.

I actually filed through the official “Submit a request” here

I believe I was using the same email address as initially registered (redacted)

So far I have not received any response.

@Andrew16 no worries! I feel that – hope the load is getting lighter for you :sleepy:

I’m going to check on what happened on my side. I’ll update you via PM when I learn more.

Just FYI – I removed your email from your post so that others wouldn’t be able to inundate you with any unwanted messages.

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Hello to all who’s been wondering as to where and how this problem is going as of late.

TLDR; it’s been resolved but it did take quite a while and several enquiry bouncing.

However as kind reminder if anyone is facing the same situation, you may need to:

  1. Willingly not once, but twice - raise a refund request with the Figma support team via email.

  2. Re-state/ re-implore the your case specificity as such, or else you will be bounced back with the ordinary template response "have you refer to our [ insert knowledgebase article ] "

Note also that you will be bouncing back and forth various various team members, though hopefully < less than two. I am at least grateful that they are both responsive and immediate.

Through bit of patience and gratitude, I have received full nine (9) months of refund.

Good luck!