Does Mac Pro M2 With 8GB Ram will be enough to Run Figma and work with all designs file?

I will buy A MacBook Pro m2 With 8GB RAM and I Am wondering if this will be enough to work on it.

I haven’t had any issues with a MacBook Pro M1 with 8GB. So you should be good.

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Thanks For your answer and I will buy it :heart:

Even when you use any software next to Figma like photoshop illustrator or After Effects

Greetings! I think you’ll be fine as long as those Photoshop or AE files aren’t huge. Both rely heavily on your RAM and, for instance, if you’re working on a large image with many layers in Photoshop half of your RAM will probably be utilized by Photoshop alone. By “large” I mean something 4K or larger, maybe some RAW images or “heavy” effects. I think I recall Liquify or blur filters being especially “hungry” in terms of CPU load and RAM on larger images, so “liquifying” or having multiple blurs on a 4K+ image may not be as fast. It’ll still work of course, but it just may not be as responsive.

With After Effects it should go without saying that if you’re rendering a video, all of your laptop’s resources will be thrown at it and so while rendering you may very well experience some “slowdowns” in other apps, Figma included. If you’re just working on a project having both Figma and AE should work fine, but just like Photoshop — AE’s RAM usage depends on your footage size. If you’re editing in 4K and using previews, expecially at full or maybe even 50% scale, it’ll probaby eat away quite a lot of RAM.

Generally, when choosing a laptop, especially for creative work I recommend upgrading to the 16GB version. Both because it’ll give you some more RAM for workflows I’ve described above (larger file sizes, images or footage in 4K+), and because on these new laptops RAM isn’t upgradeable in the future, so it’s always good to have more for the following years. So if you can afford it — I’d say consider getting the 16GB version. Same goes for the SSD drive — AE and video tends to eat away space fast when you’re working full-time. Although, the M2 MacBook Pros come with 512GB and it should be more than enough to start with, but it really depends on how much video you think you’ll be working with. 4K video files tend to get pretty huge.

That being said, I understand that that extra RAM and SSD are not cheap, especially with Apple, so if you’re not quite ready to get the 16GB option, you will absolutely be okay with the base 8GB model. I spent some time with a base M1 Pro with 8GB and I was able to work with pretty large Figma files and occasionally edit a few images in Photoshop, the performance was alright. The worst thing that can happen is it’ll just slow down, but you will absolutely be able to do the work, there might be some lags here and there.

So, the TL:DR — if you can, my advice is consider the 16GB model. It’s just a bit more RAM for the future and to ensure you don’t run out of memory if you plan on working with large Photoshop/AE files. If the 8GB is your only option — you’ll be okay, it’ll work, it’s still a good computer and M2 Pro is a more than capable CPU.

And as with all things tech your best bet is asking someone who owns a machine you’re looking to get and, in this case, asking someone who’s doing some Photoshop/After Effects work. In this case, Figma is the least of your worries — if a laptop can run AE comfortably, Figma should work even better :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope this helps and best of luck!

— Paul