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Distribute Align Different Types of Object by Specified Value

I want to quickly distribute a few items by 20px. If I try and select several objects of different kinds it sometimes hides the ability for me to write in the distance between a few objects.

It would be handy to have a few dialog boxes in Align/Tidy drop down to just write in the amount of pixels I want to distribute objects by.

There are few plugins that do this, but then I have to launch the plugin.

(See Adobe Illustrator, Indesign)

Are you talking about these?

Yes but they disappear if I select more than one object of different kinds or nested groups. Maybe more of a bug than feature request. But perhaps the feature request should be “support nested groups and multiple selections for “distribute by X value””

So the issue here is you want to space objects inside groups or frames, not on the same level, right?

Not quite, I’ll do a screen cap and upload when I get a second.

First 2 clicks are expected behaviour. When I try to select 3 objects then the value boxes disappear.

Yeah this is the exact reason I wrote Butter, with butter you can space layers left to right, top to down, comes in handy.
Bind it to a short cut if you’re finding frequent usage, this is how I solve the problem and how it will be solved in the near future I suppose.

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Also just because the elements are Stacked Vertically does not mean that I may want to distribute them vertically, I may actually want to space them out horizontally, which is why there should boxes for both vertical and horizontal spacing.

Hey @David_Cuesta just getting back to this.

I get your point but what happens is the spacing between elements shown in your video is very different, and what Figma automates there is the exact same space between multiple elements, vertically and/or horizontally.

Not sure how this could help but maybe you can achieve faster results with Butter plugins for sure, but that’s because Figma’s spacing tool is not made for what you’re looking for.

Hi Bruno, Thanks for your reply.

I am well aware that the tool in Figma is not made for what I am looking for. If it was built for what I was looking for I would not need to put in a feature request.

The whole point of feature requests is so your users can tell you what they need and if you agree then you can incorporate it.

I’m a 30year+ design software user and use software like yours every day.

I’ve tried using butter, but its still a bit long winded.

Get your team to open Adobe Illustrator or Indesign and use their align and distribute tool. I don’t think what I am suggesting is out side the realm of possibility and would make designing in figma so much faster.

In practice it is only a slight tweak to a feature you already have existing.
Or maybe do what apple do and buy out Butter and then incorporate it natively.

I am not looking for instant results but if you want to be the go to industry standard I have a feeling we are going to be using your software for a longgggg time so it would be nice to eventually see a feature like the one I am suggesting in Figma.

Or maybe I should just migrate back to XD.


Hey @David_Cuesta I’m not a Figma employee :sweat_smile: just a Forum moderator and a volunteer advocate, so I don’t speak for the company.
Now, I’m just saying that for now Butter feels like the best alternative to your request and for sure the Figma team will check your request as they do all the time.

Also, sorry for my answer but I forgot the category of the post. :sweat_smile:

Hey Bruno, No worries.

And sorry cause you are moderator, I assumed you worked for Figma.

All good. I tried butter again today and really does not really solve the issue. And I am literally constantly pressing tidy up and then retyping the spacing value I want. Very long winded. It would be much easier to select 3 objects, then specify distance I want, and then click action to make it so. Anyway like I said it’s more user feedback for long run if Figma wants to improve.