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Distribute Align Different Types of Object by Specified Value

I want to quickly distribute a few items by 20px. If I try and select several objects of different kinds it sometimes hides the ability for me to write in the distance between a few objects.

It would be handy to have a few dialog boxes in Align/Tidy drop down to just write in the amount of pixels I want to distribute objects by.

There are few plugins that do this, but then I have to launch the plugin.

(See Adobe Illustrator, Indesign)

Are you talking about these?

Yes but they disappear if I select more than one object of different kinds or nested groups. Maybe more of a bug than feature request. But perhaps the feature request should be “support nested groups and multiple selections for “distribute by X value””

So the issue here is you want to space objects inside groups or frames, not on the same level, right?

Not quite, I’ll do a screen cap and upload when I get a second.

First 2 clicks are expected behaviour. When I try to select 3 objects then the value boxes disappear.

Yeah this is the exact reason I wrote Butter, with butter you can space layers left to right, top to down, comes in handy.
Bind it to a short cut if you’re finding frequent usage, this is how I solve the problem and how it will be solved in the near future I suppose.

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Also just because the elements are Stacked Vertically does not mean that I may want to distribute them vertically, I may actually want to space them out horizontally, which is why there should boxes for both vertical and horizontal spacing.