Displaced prototype in-variant hotspots after scroll

I wanted to create fully prototyped navigation as part of refactoring design system and experienced this “issue”

My page is created from

  • Nav bar (sticky on top)
  • Content wrapper (menu template)
    • Autolayout of menu item elements (some are direct, some shows submenu via in-varian
      t interactions with smart animate to open/close submenu)
  • Tab bar (sticky on bottom)

The problem
So the problem is in prototype. Whenever i tap to show submenu at lower level of screen and then i scroll even a little bit and then hide submenu all hotspots are remembering the state BEFORE hiding submenu.

To make it “normal” i always have to hide at the same position where i showed submenu.
IDK if this is intended or just bug and i love all those in-variant options but apparently something is not right. Maybe i use it for something it was not intended for, or i’d be forced to do it in old ways and place every variations with showed/hided submenu on own page as variants inside one master screen page

(wanted to attach a screen recorded video as reference, but cant upload because i am “new” user)

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