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Detach a nested component while keeping changes

I have 2 variants of a component called “sticker”. The second variant (named “pointer-down”) actually use the first variant (named “Default”). I want to detach the instance of sticker from my second variant.

The issue is that when I detach the instance of sticker, all of the instance of the second variant get their text override lost. It is reset the text of my stickers to the default value of the variant sticker Default.

It there a way to detach the instance without losing all of my sticker value?

You can use my plugin Master to achieve this. Here is a quick step-by-step guide:

  1. Duplicate the component you want to change. In the copy detach the instance you want to detach. But don’t delete the frame that’s left after detaching! The structures should be the same.
  2. Select this new component and run Master → Pick Target Component
  3. Select the old component and run Master → Link Objects to Target Component. Master will find all instances of the old component in the current file and attach them to the new one, while keeping all overrides.
  4. If you have instances of this component in other files, you’ll need to go through each file and link instances with Master plugin: after doing all previous steps open the file, make sure nothing is selected (press Esc), and then launch Master → Link Objects to Target Component.

The process is pretty much the same as the process of moving components: Move Components in Figma — Guide

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Awesome plugin it works great !


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