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Desktop app (MacOS) - the home section's UX is highly uncomfortable for me, what can I do?

Hello, community. I have a problem with the home section of the desktop app (MacOS) - after the last one or two updates, my home section got this new look - with an enormously big “new file” section, which is stuck to the top of the page. This, in turn, prevents me to reach my recent files in a comfortable way. Perhaps I’m blind, but I didn’t get how to make this section smaller or unstick it from the top. I kindly ask all of you to help me, because this situation makes me cry almost every time I want to open my previous files. I didn’t find any topics that relate to the problem. If they exist, please, send me in the right direction:) Thank you in advance.

Just in case, I work on a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina (2880 x 1800).

Since you have a larger application interface, the “New file” block is displayed at the top. You can reduce the size of the UI to avoid this mess:

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I love you, man. You’re a saint, just know it. Thank you :hugs:

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