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Desktop app blank white screen/crash

Same problem here: just blank screen after a couple of minutes. Occuring in the web and desktop version (Windows). Please tag me, when someone finds a solution. @Figma

Same here. Problem with white screen tried all solutions above. @Figma This is becoming unbearable… a paying customer with app that does not work!!!

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Same problem here, after the last update! On desktop app, working fine on web.

I’ve been having this white screen/loading Figma logo issue for 3 days straight now…This is starting to get very frustrating since all of my college work/client work is hanging. @Figma_Support please provide a quick solution for this.


Same issue here white screen, happens in a sudden while I’m working!!!
64 bit windows 10

Same problem here! Manage to log-in and make 4 or 5 adjustments then blank screen. Occurring in the web and desktop version (Windows).

its been like this for me too for the past couple of days … am using the native app … am not using any other software at the same time … images won’t load or keeps flickering … too much ram consuming … i haven’t changed any files so drastically for the past couple of days, so it should consume this much of memory … about 60% and above … when tabs are switched, then the images are loaded again and a white screen for a while … basically, sluggish all over … using 15 plugins and among them, unsplash is the most common plugin I use … to test whether these images are causing problems, I created a new file with no image and its the same after couple of frames …

my build (all are updated to latest versions):
Win 10 Pro | 21H1 | 19043.1165
i7-6700K | 16GB
Radeon RX 480 | 8GB

I have the same issue and it seems to be on certain hardware. I have a fairly new Dell with an integrated graphics card. After loading it works for ~30s then blink and locks. Closing the tab and re-open will get it working a again for ~30s.

Using this on an 4 year old computer as a reference system works perfectly well (although a bit slow)

Dell Latitude 5320
i5-1145G7 | 16GB
Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit (Build 18363)

Hi guys!
Please check Task Manager - Performance - Memory.
For me, my Figma project eats about 8 GB of RAM. If I close all apps it works just fine, if I open chrome, slack, youtube etc. it goes dark.
So check your memory, I think this is the cause

Super frustrated, is there no fix yet?

Hello Folks. Could you help?. My Figma app is not working in my iMac 10.15.7 (19H2)

thanks for supporting me!

Below is the screen shot of Figma app

Captura de Tela 2021-09-27 às 16.33.02|690x440

Hi guys,

My laptop configuration is 12 GB ram, 512 SSD, 1TB Hardisk.
And all folders, chrome browser, and slack also closed. Still, Figma crashing into my laptop.

Please tell me how to fix this issue.

This has plagued me for some time now as I posted the issue here in mid July. The latest update to the Mac desktop app, 102.9, which I just applied today finally did the trick. My files now load and no white screen. I can see all my work.

Give it a shot, hopefully it works for you all as well.

My setup for reference:

Figma Desktop App macOS 102.9 (Issue started at version 99.0)
macOS Big Sur 11.5.2
MacBook Pro 15-inch 2019
32GB Ram
Radeon Pro 560X 4GB (built-in)


Same problem. The question has be solved ?How do you do?

Hi Guys,

After updating the Desktop version of Figma on Windows 10 Pro x64 version and trying Figma on Chrome, the memory leak persisted.

I finally found a workaround, I tried Figma on Firefox and it’s stable and snappy.

Hasn’t crashed yet, but will give updates on this issue after an hour two.

I found a Solution :hot_face:
open Figma with windows Compatibility mode on windows 7
Right-click on Figma app and click properties> Compatibility set windows 7

oh it’s wonderful!! I love u! I can’t work many days and now I can. Thank a lot!

Tried all the fixes above but both the desktop App and browser crash after eating up to 30GB+ of RAM. WTF?

The same thing happened to me today after updating the latest version, although it only tends to crash the design file when I select layers with the control key and left-click. I have tried the fixes above, however, it still happens.