Deleted the file permanently with malicious intent

HI guys,
Currently I’m very stressed with an unexpected incident happening to my Figma account. I have set up a Figma account for work at the company at the following email: [redacted]
As of this morning, I discovered that 2 design files, for 2 functions on our product, were permanently deleted. I tried looking in the deleted section but couldn’t find these files.

I’m the owner and I can’t access the file right now. Recently, some people knew my Figma account password, so I suspect someone intentionally deleted the file permanently with malicious intent. I really hope the team can assist me in checking my account history and restoring these files for me.
They are really important to me and the entire product team, as well as the company. Internal email is currently not accepting external mail. I would like to let the support email be my personal email: [redacted]
I sincerely thank you and look forward to receiving your support. If you need any other account information, please let me know.

Hey Rei, so sorry to hear this happened!

I’ve redacted your email addresses for security purposes, but it looks like someone from our support team already replied to your gmail email address last Friday on ticket #961137.

Please check your inbox and continue to work with support directly there.