Confusing...(re: professional plan)

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Hi there,
I’ve done some research on Figma to adopt this new tool for our company.
But the more I look into, the more I get confused.

I’m based in Korea and it’s not that popular here yet so can’t find much what I want to know.

I’ve decided to go with professional plans and here’s some questions before making a final decision.

  • I know I can create unlimited files and unlimited projects, I can’t find information how many TEAM I can create. Is there a limitation?
  • If one person join multiple team, say 2 teams, do I need to pay double?

We have more than 100 employees and I assume more than 70% of them would use it so I have to be very clear for everything as I’m in charge of adopting it.
Please help!!

It looks like Professional plans would apply to a single team. (The upgrade is at the team level, not the account). Organization plans allow for multiple teams with different levels of access. This is the page I was looking at.

Do all 100 employees need Edit access to Figma?

Thanks for your prompt response.
Do you think just one team I can create?
Oh…that’s not what I wanted to hear :frowning:

Most of them are developers and they would be just viewers except the team leaders.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sorry to be the bringer of sad news! :grimacing:

At our company we use the project feature to break up the different teams we work on. Most being developers as well.

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